Performing Calculations

Subject:    Excel Courses  >  Basic Excel

Date of Publication: 03-07-2013


This course focuses on various ways to perform calculations in Excel by using formulas and functions.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Add numbers using the plus sign and the SUM formula
  • Subtract numbers
  • Multiply numbers
  • Divide numbers
  • Perform calculations using basic formulas
  • Perform calculations using exponents
  • Explain the order of operations in Excel
  • Copy formulas and functions
  • Display formulas and functions in an Excel worksheet
  • Count cells using the Count() function
  • Calculate averages using the Average () function
  • Find the highest and lowest values in a range
  • Perform calculations using absolute and 3D referencing
  • Perform calculations across worksheets
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